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Thank you for seeking my professional services!


As a Professional Photographer, Creating an Image for Artists is My Pursuit!


Photographer   Model Instructor   Publisher   Body Painter   Artist 


Professional photographer since 1990 my artistic vision been publish in newspapers, national magazines, websites, commercial brochures and more. I have worked with countless of models and offer valuable tips with knowledge images.


I seek and expect models to be dependable and passionate about modeling.

I also expect models to be respectful of my time and my talent. 





aIMG_2694 Benefical Model Art Photo Sessions

Schedule Beneficial Model Art Photo Session!


There are comprehensive sessions dedicated to provide the essential tools needed for models to break into the modeling industry.


CameraMagik!:-) Tip #1: Models must LOVE to be photographed with the passion, the desire to advance in understanding modeling is an art!


CameraMagik!:-) Tip #2: Success demands awareness, passion to learn, knowledge and wisdom to seek a Professional Model Photographer!


Creative   Easy Going   Professional   Images    Experienced



There are a few select opportunities for models to pose for “Artistic Projects” in order to get FREE Portfolio Materials*.


Our correspondence will determine to see if you “eligible” for the Free Session.


 ”I have photographed many models. The thing I come to understand is the chemistry and comfort between the model and myself, we make great photos.”





All models need sign a comprehensive modeling release. In the release, you consent to and authorize the copyright to use the resulting images in any manner. Your photos will be used and displayed on the Internet.


 Proof images in private folder. 


I offer very affordable rates for my photography services.


When you compensate me, I do exactly the types of images you want to do.


Modeling Sessions:

  • Models & escorts must be over age 18 with valid I.D.
  • Photo Session 2 hours minimum
  • You must have your own phone and email, and be able to reply to messages quickly.
  • You must have your own vehicle or another reliable source of transportation.
  • Be on Time to Session!
  • Escort supporter should be comfortable with you changing & not interrupt the photo session.

  • Additional Models is Welcomed!





Creative Photo Projects:

Appreciate  open   to   all   creative   expressions   occupation   genre


Various options to photograph you – uninhibited to restrictive


You Set the Limit


We will formulate project(s) when contacted.


Respect My Time:

Expect models to be dependable and passionate about modeling.


I also expect models to be respectful of my time and my talent.


Photographer   Model Instructor   Publisher   Body Painter   Artist


Digital Price Guide Compensation:

Artistic Projects are Negotiable – TF- See Below

Regular Session Fee – $100

High Res Image – $50 per Image

Best of Proof Images Personal Folder

How it works is the session fee is paid prior to the shoot. The session usually last 2-4 hours on-location and I typically produce hundreds images. The Best of Images are posted 1-10 business days.  From Best of Images choose your favorite and pay for those only.  Your digital images can either be emailed or deliver via flash drive.

Cash or PayPal Only

+ Expenses – Studio, MUA, Travel, Body Paint, Props, etc.

At Our Meeting and/or Photo Session – I.D. and Fee Required

Rates Are Reasonable And Negotiable!

 No part of the any agreement will be served until the balance is paid in full.

Fee vary on terms signed.



Free Portfolio Artistic Projects On-Location Session:


** Creating an image for artists is my pursuit!  **



I do offer some select opportunities for models, actors, and performers to pose for “Artistic Projects” in order to get FREE portfolio materials (TF).



Our correspondence will determine to see if you “eligible” for the Free TF sessions.



Best of Images:


Best of Images will be in your personal folder within 1-10 business days.


Paying Models have 30 days after posting images to request there High Resolution Images.


Fee for All Unedited Images via Flash Drive.


Images are available for review up-to 90 days after the session.




Session – Appointment Options:


A)   Meet with models before the photo session, neutral place often at a coffee shop plan session.


B)    Talk on Phone then Meet, Do On-Location Session


C)    Studio Session – 50 % Advance Cash or Paypal Retainer Required





My time is extremely valuable. While I realize that “life happens,” you are not allowed to reschedule.


In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the session, the retainer fee is forfeited by model.



 Establish Your Model Career!






Model’s Endorsements:

“The pics are awesome! It’s completely different from what I’ve done and I love it!!” – Taylor Rose Starr


“Thank you for the wonderful shoot! We found so many cool areas to shoot in and I will be revisiting Nicollet Island sometime soon (: “- Kay-La


“Thanks for the tag and all the wonderful photos 🙂 It was great pleasure to work with you!” – Amber the Eyes


“Working was amazing. Truly thank you so much:) “- Lovely Neko


“Sean, you were truly a pleasure to work with. You are very creative and talented and made it a point to go with the flow of my style and what I wanted to achieve! We had lots of fun! I would work with you any time thanks!” -Shannel SIN


“SEAN! These are amazing, I love them 🙂 First one made me smile. Can we use any of these yet? I would love to have these on my MM.”  Thanks -Elise


“so excited to create artwork!” – Lola G. Stone


“Thanks Sean, I enjoyed shooting with you as well.” – Tegan Maria


“Thanks so much Sean 🙂 had a blast today” – Jo Jo


entire experience was enjoyable, It was a pleasure working with you! –Ashley


Thank You! I can definitely say you do great work. You gave me some fabulous tips, which i try to practice everyday to improve my range of expressions. – Deidre H


________________        ___________________

Thank you an would to love work with you again. 🙂 CMEdwards1985


You are a pleasure to work with! Your ideas and vision are endless! Hope to soon again soon – Ca Rose


Thanks to The Beautiful Models I Created  With!

They Were an Excitement to Work With!

I Would Recommend All of Them!

-> No images may be copied or reproduced without written permission.

My personal quote below to live LIFE!


“Continue exerting yourself in your craft and life forces will transport you beyond that you can visualize.”


We Create Art Together!

763 200 1349





-> No images, text or data may be copied or reproduced without written permission.

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No images, text or data may be copied or reproduced without written permission.

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